Environmental Effects of Smoking vs Vaping

The wallpaper used for this infographic makes it stand out because of how relevant it is to the subject. It is made up of images of e-cigarette cartridges and vaporizers and all things related to the same. Considering that the wallpaper is in gray color, it does not in any way overwhelm the entire presentation even as noticeable as it is. The title is clear and to the point and it is accompanied by the e-cigars and a normal cigarette so you know it will be comparing the two.

The fonts used for this presentation are sizeable enough for easy readability. The colors are also well-selected to offer ease of reading. They, of course, could have been brighter, but considering that smoking is best denoted by dull colors like the gray and black, the colors do work for the topic at hand. The sections are structured properly so it is easy to see where one begins and ends. The subtitles alternate from blue to green colors breaking up the presentation nicely. They are also done in capital letters so picking them even before reading is easy.

The images used in this infographic may not be the best bet as you read they do become relevant to what they represent. The most outstanding images in the display are the ones included in the first section and the second. In the first section which talks about the costs of smoking, there is a smoking cigarette and a dollar sign on the black smoke to show just how much money goes up in smoke. In the second section, a bent cigarette and a used matchstick create a unique gauge to show the benefits of quitting smoking. The representation carries helpful information broken down quite well to create a quick highlight of why vaping is better than smoking.

infogrpahic about vaping

Source: esmokercanada.com