Electric vs Gas – Which Car Saves More Money Overall

This infographic aims at presenting a cost comparison between gas and electric cars. More specifically, it presents which type saves more money overall.


The layout is straight-forward. At the top of the artwork, one can find an eye-catching title. Under the title, one can see a subheading that further explains the subject under discussion.

The car cost comparison starts right below, in the form of a table. On the left column, the reader can see the average costs for electric cars. On the right column, one sees the corresponding average costs for gas cars.

The average costs are related to six different categories. Therefore, the reader can compare the average purchase prices, tax credits, insurance, fuel, maintenance and longevity costs of gas and electric cars.

A sum of these average costs is given at the bottom of each column. Right underneath, one can find the conclusion of this comparison. It suggests that electric cars save more yearly, whereas gas cars save more in a period of 6 years.


The design is very clever. With just a glance, one can easily understand that the topic is related to cars. The middle border line of the table is actually the picture of a road with two cars about to race. And there are green lights for the car type with the lower costs and red lights for the one with the higher costs.


Easy-to-read fonts, pictures and other elements make the artwork appealing. The fact that the data is presented in the form of a table allows for the reader to quickly and easily find out which car type saves more money overall.


The simple layout, smart design and great readability encourage the reader to go through the information presented in the infographic.

infographic with cost comparison between electric and gas cars

Source: https://walletgenius.com/money/save-money/electric-car-vs-gas-costs-which-truly-saves-you-the-most-money/