Dog Bite Injuries: Statistics from the USA

Dog bite cases seem to be increasing lately. This infographic aims at presenting some interesting every day statistics for the United States of America.


The structure is very simple. The topic is introduced at the top, where one can see an eye-catching image of a dog biting a bone with a colorful title on.

In the red frame that follows, the reader can find a short paragraph with some more information about the subject and the statistics that are about to be introduced.

A yellow frame right below contains an image of the state of California and a fact about California being the No.1 state for dog bite injuries.

Another yellow frame right next includes information about dog bite hospitalizations and their average cost. It also contains a big image of a dog with the word “hospitalization” written on its outline.

The last section includes three red round frames on white background, inside which one can find three more relevant statistics.


The colors, images and various elements that are used in the artwork give it a modern touch and a pleasant look-and-feel.


The fonts that are used throughout are easy-to-read. At the same time, all texts are short and carefully placed on contrasting color backgrounds, with plenty of blank space left in-between. As a result, the artwork is friendly to the eye of the reader.

Moreover, the consistent way the colors are combined and the straight-forward layout add to the artwork’s readability.


Despite its simplicity, the infographic succeeds in providing some useful information on the subject. Its layout allows for the reader to easily go through the information that is presented in just a few seconds.

infographic about dog bite cases in the usa