Different Types of Pearls

Pearls are loved by many for their elegant aura, and soothing aura. However, not many people have actual idea about the wide range of pearl that exists in the world. This infographic acts as a gateway to this magnificent world of pearls – talking about the different types of pearls as available around the globe.

Look & Feel

The infographic has a very striking appeal, courtesy the wonderful pearl images as used to classify the different types. The color combination, texts, and images have been used very tactfully and in a pleasing manner. There are two sections in the image, wherein the upper section is plain and connects you to more detailed info page about the pearl type. The second section is more appealing as it makes use of beautiful images, and the texts are presented in an artistic manner.


Divided in two sections, the image boasts of detailed information about the pearl type. The first section has linking to separate pages for each pearl type, which in the second section is presented in a concise form with use of more bullet texts. From the first part, you can get to the detailed page where you will find all the necessary information about the pearl type. Taking into account the information used in the content, it’s quite comprehensive and gives a useful insight to the huge world of pearls. It has perfectly described the major types hailing from the different parts of the globe.


In totality, the infographic does leave you impressed with its use of different sections, and design format for putting across the detailed information about the various pearl types. From color combination, fonts, texts to sentence flow; everything is in sync. This makes it easier for the readers to understand the content while enjoying the visual appeal of it.

awesome data visualization about pearl facts

Source: thepearlsource.com