Debunking a Few Well Known Car Myths

The infographic looks quite attractive and informative. The information presented is concise and short. So, it means that each point is explained in detailed manner and sufficient information is available for the readers to understand about the various myths related to cars especially when purchasing a new car.

With regard to the theme used, it looks a bit sullen and dull. The use of the color black brings about a shady view to the given presentation. Instead of black, attractive colors like green, blue, or red could have been used to present the significance of the information. Indeed one would feel like they are viewing cartoon pictures and graphics, but it does hold the interest of the viewers to a great extent. More vivid and original images could have been utilized to bring about more reality to the information.

In addition, more interesting examples of individuals who have gone through such myths and how it was busted could have bought a more realistic viewpoint to the given details in the infographic. No doubts the information present is indeed sufficient, but a real example would bring about a feeling of more interest and viewpoint which readers would think about. More importantly, the myths described are the common ones that you go through in your day-to-day lives with regard to car usage.

Seriously, much of the myths are what we heard from other car users or from known acquaintances and is something which we feel obliged to follow. Also with regard to the font, it does looks attractive and catchy. But putting the descriptions in italics could have been avoided. Instead, it can be written in another direct and eye-catching font which will easily help the user to understand and differentiate among the myth and the explanation with regard to it.

No doubt the entire information looks interesting, but a little more attention could have been paid for the design and font.

informational graphic about car myths