Cost of Living Comparison for Retirement

This page focuses on conveying information about costs of various services and commodities associated with retirement communities.

The page is rather plain and is laid out against a plain white background. There is a short description that introduces the content of the webpage at first glance. Although this is not the actual highlight of the page, it is the best that conveys the purpose of the website.

The tiles are placed towards the center and feature bold logos on each of them. Each of these logos conveys relevant information that pertains to the content associated with each tile. The tiles are colored in a bold, solid and funky color scheme. Responsiveness can be observed on the page as the user resizes the browser windows. This becomes highly convenient for the user as the page is all the more flexible. A hover property is added to each of the tiles which make it that much more interactive for the user. Only the tile that the user wishes to focus on displays its content. The transitions used are smooth and this gives a sense of ease of access to the reader.

The logos used in each of the tiles are also perfect and do their best in conveying the right message to the viewer. It also helps to engage the viewer and draw attention to sections that might feel of more importance to certain sections of the audience.

Overall, this is a totally simple and precisely designed piece of work that does its best to convey to its readers the highlights about the costs involved in living at the location specified. The design and simplicity are exceedingly good and the only down side to it being the lack of excess information. Apart from that everything is good and this is quite an exceptional work.

retirement infographic