What are the Coolest Road Trips in Canada?

The bright green color dominating this infographic makes it very attractive to the eyes and any reader would want to find out what it is all about as a result. It, however, has so many images all through and it becomes easy for the eyes to dance all over and become overwhelmed. Only a very interested reader will be able to slow down the eyes enough to read through the seven road trips slowly and understand what they have in store for them.

The heading is a complete section on its own and it is beautifully done with a backdrop of very beautiful scenery, complete with a mountain, a road and a water body. The headline is splashed over a map of Canada, which is also presented in its flag creating an amazing image altogether. After the heading, the seven sections follow with each presenting one road trip.

Each of these sections starts off with a Canadian flag followed by the name of the road. Right in the middle of each section is a circular map of the road showing where it starts and ends. On the road, the major areas of interested are marked and then extended to the sides to tell readers what to expect, the attraction in that particular place and what to enjoy there for that matter. Each road has six areas highlighted on it that are a must visit and this provides even a first-time visitor an easy time getting the most from their road trip without missing out on anything interesting while at it.

Also included in the sections of this infographic are details about the time of the year it is best to try the road trips, the distance in kilometres what the road is best for that is whether it is great for driving or hiking.

infographocs about canada road trips

Source: ca.drivebestway.com