How to Choose a Pearl by the Color

Most people imagine the colour white when it comes to pearls – but this infographic highlights the different naturally occurring colours of pearl. It educates about the various colours, their types and their true meanings. From the conventionally known white pearl to man-made multi-hued pearls, you will find all necessary information related to pearl colours in this image.


The whole image is designed in two main colours – which brings a sense of uniformity and overall clarity. The pearl images used in various sections are pretty good and have been placed systematically. The structure of sentences and text placement is done very efficiently; however, the selection of font doesn’t seem satisfactory. Moving on, the design is quite simple yet elegant in appeal and does leave behind a striking impression.


This is the best part in this infographic, as it has gathered all the possible information about pearl colour types. Those who have never had any idea about different pearl colours will surely enjoy this piece as it brings up some of the most pleasing hues of pearls, which happen to be all natural. Each colour types has been described briefly, along with the special feature is comes with. It has been categorised majorly in two parts: one is the pearl colour type, and the other is its common overtone; which is the collection of shades that stand closer to the actual pearl colour. The information is to the point and covers all points in regards to pearl colors.


Overall this infographic puts up a decent show; it is just the font used for text which is a slight disappointment. Rest everything is done very precisely and goes with the theme of the subject. More than the design, it’s the information which scores the most in this image as it introduces to the wide range of pearl colors.

graphic chart about color of pearls