Check Out the Best Places for a Road Trip


Focusing on the travel and tour industry the title is attractive enough to grab the attention of the readers. Search has been done properly and the graphic has been made with the comparison view between the selected countries where the outing can be planned.


The research part has been the prime focus. It can be seen that the efforts have been made in reading out a vast material containing facts and studying charts that have led to the creation of the work of art.

The fonts:

The fonts are used with precision. The bold and big characters for the headings and the small characters in the content have been wonderfully used to make it look readable to the eyes and stylish too. More than stylish, the look of the graphic is classic in approach.

The background:

It is the colors in the background that are enhancing the words written on it. With the use of background that has light colors it becomes soothing to the eyes and pressure on eyes is not created. The background is an ideal mix of light and dark backgrounds to write the information.

The presentation:

Looking at the overall presentation of the graphic one can say that it is something that a reader would stop for. It is capable of grabbing the attention as the topic and the heading is eye-catching. This subject is in trend and more and more people look for outing in the summer season. With the research done and the use of all the writing and editing skills, the graphic is capable of turning the sales in for the company for whomsoever it has been made.

The creator has been very cautious and diligent in preparing this piece of art and it is approved from a reader’s as well as reviewer’s point of view.

graphic charts about road trip