CBD Edibles VS THC Edibles

This infographic provides information about vegan CBD edibles. Through its simple design, its clean-cut layout and its to-the-point components, it succeeds in passing on the desired information, with the minimum time and effort required from the side of the reader.

An overall look-and-feel, that suggests something natural and organic, and an eye-catching title quickly give the readers the idea of the topic under discussion. Right beneath, one can find a graph that clearly describes CBD’s origin and the way it is extracted and ends up into vegan foods.

The wording here is accompanied by illustrative pictures which help the reader visualize this process. In the next section, a table of the differences between CBD and THC edibles is given. The same easy-to-read font as above is used and each row is embellished with a descriptive relevant image, making it easy to go through the table with just a glance. A note in a different font and contrasting background right under points out that THC is a cannabinoid too.

Moving on downwards, a picture of a concerned man on a scale smartly illustrates that severity level and weight are the key factors that determine the suggested CBD dosage. Right next to it, a picture of a clock aims at illustrating the amount of time needed for CBD’s effects to start, as well as their duration. Here, given the connection between the colors used in the texts and the ones on the clock, drawing a pink quarter from “9” to “12” might have made the illustration more comprehensible to the reader.

Finally, at the bottom the reader can see and easily memorize all the labels one should find on a vegan CBD product’s label, in order to ensure its source and quality.

In conclusion, the overall presentation is brief, yet comprehensive. All chosen colors, fonts and elements put together a highly informative and attractive infographic with a great flow, which effectively tells its story.

vegan cbd edibles infographic

Source: https://cheefbotanicals.com/cbd-products/cbd-edibles/