Best Facts about Card Shuffling

The riffle shuffle infographic is another example of a beautifully and smartly executed design. It has all the essential features of well-explained and efficient inforgraphics.

The colour combination is the first thing that catches my attention. The use of red, black and white is very interesting. The minimal use of colour palette makes the whole very catchy. Although the majority of it makes use of white and black, the hints of deep red make the informational graphic very lively. All the instructions are written in black fonts whereas the important ones are highlighted in red.

Space is also another feature that makes an infographocs appealing. People don’t like cluttered and stuffy designs; this one has ample white space which makes it very comfortable in reading and scrutinizing the content.

The layout is also perfect; the infogrpahic has explained the entire process in a step by step process with proper division of each step. This makes the work easy to follow and learn the techniques. The great hierarchy in explaining the steps makes this piece very effective.

But the most important element here is the text and the fonts. There is a lot of data put in the infographic and to make it easy for the viewer to decipher the important fonts have been highlighted in bold fonts. The headings and the sub headings are also in bold fonts which are smooth to follow.

The graphics and illustrations are also excellent. The designer has used the most appropriate illustrations. Although there are very fewer illustrations the ones used are very appropriate and efficient in explaining it.

This is a very simple yet very smart composition. It is made use of the right colours, illustrations and provided plenty of space between the data which makes this a great piece of graphic information.

Card shuffling infogrphics