Best European Destinations for Stag Weekends

The infographic is a strong pictorial presentation of how the Stag weekends in Eastern Europe look like. When the word Europe is heard, every one steps back if travel is on mind but with this infographic, one can definitely understand what the place has to offer. Stag weekend got even popular with the inclusion of many destinations to choose from. The destinations are within your pocket and offer great time. The graphic talks a lot about what the weekend can look like.

Informative: The information splashed on the infographic does a lot of talking with all the points that one might want to know. It has been presented in the most lucid manner but quite a good read and gives a clear understanding.

Good analysis of cost: Everyone is worried about expenditure when he or she has to take a trip. With this informational advert, anyone can instantly make a decision either to visit or not. Something that might truly attract the viewers is an estimation of beer pints and the flight and accommodation cost.

Weather information: Weather is definitely an important factor that one would consider while making bookings for a getaway; however this is not one of the most important points to highlight.

Scope of improvement: The infographic is an eye catcher no doubt but the color combination could have been more appropriate. The background color could have been lighter while the foreground information on a darker side can do wonders.

What I personally like is the map that shows the five cities with vivid images of what can be expected. It surely can go a long way in attracting many people to book their tickets and have an amazing time in any of those cities. The deal information is one of the highlights too. So people waiting for this piece of cascade will be excited for sure.

beautiful charts about europe destinations