Airline Uniforms: The Style High Club

Flying companies have always used faster flights and better food to attract more passengers. But there is another method used by them which most of us will not have noticed. And that is the flattering designs of uniforms of their staff. These companies have used different colors, styles and lengths to make the passengers feel welcomed and safe. While the male members of the staff try to look sincere and responsible, the appearance of females gives sense of caring. Their clothes are basically designed according to what the roll of the staff members should be and how they should act. Many companies have done many surveys and have conducted experiments to get to the perfect uniforms. How these companies have done it is described here in the form of an infographic. It shows their current designs and explains the reason behind some of the special features used in uniforms.

The infographic starts with the uniform of Virgin Atlantic called Vivienne Westwood. It is based on a classic look used back in the 90s that was modified and adjusted according to the feedback of 150 staff members that wore it for an experimental period of six months. Then comes the Ettore Bilotta uniform of Etihad Airways. It has a little futuristic design. The interesting thing is that the uniforms were originally created with a trouser option for the females, but they were only allowed to wear skirts. The banana republic uniforms of Virgin America shown in this infographic have a very casual look. Even the belts are reversible. Also their airline issued scarf. The most iconic uniform in the infographic however is the Simon Jersey of Emirates. The folded scarves and pillbox hats of female staff represents the background of the company. Uniforms of many such companies are given here.

Airline uniforms infographic