Airbrush Makeup Kit Buying Guide

One of the most popular makeup categories nowadays is airbrush makeup. Celebrities have been using airbrush makeup for a long period of time because it gives a flawless makeup finish and helps to achieve the “barely there look”. Given how fantastic airbrush makeup is, many women nowadays are turning to airbrush makeup for everyday use or special event makeup.

Given that kits will typically cost anywhere from around $100 right up to $900 for a professional model, it makes sense to have a thorough understanding of what to look for when making a purchase. The last thing you want to do is purchase the wrong type of kit and waste hundreds of dollars, only to find that it wasn’t quite right for you.

Best brands

When it comes to airbrush makeup kits, there are many manufacturers and brands to consider, but there are a handful that stand out from the rest. Dinair, Temptu and Luminess are three well-known brands that are often rated very highly by user reviews and you can be sure when buying from these particular brands, that you are going to get a quality product at the right price

The stylus

One of the important aspects to understand in an makeup airbrush makeup kit is the type of stylus. An individual model can either include a single action or dual action stylus.

Single action stylus

Single action styluses have a trigger, which when pressed, releases both air and makeup at the same time. The way to modify the amount of makeup that is applied is simply to move the stylus closer or further away from the face. With this type of model, you get a little less control over the finish.

Dual action stylus

Dual action styluses are the preferred type of stylus for makeup professionals because they allow for greater control over the air flow and application of makeup. With a dual action stylus, the regulation of airflow and make-up that is dispelled from the stylus can be independently controlled and it’s the this reason why professional makeup artists tend to go with a dual action model.


Expect to pay around $200 for a product that is of a reasonable quality. You can get cheaper products for around $100 and you can also pay right up to $800 or $900 for a very high quality, professional model, however the $200 price point is about the mark for a typical everyday user.

The infographic below covers some more detail relating to airbrush makeup options.

Infographic about makeup