7 Constructive Feedback Examples from Employees

The shared infographic has some very insightful information on constructive feedback examples from employees.  


The design is modern and has a touch of pop with the combination of the color orange. The viewer can see that there is a blend of colors from the same “family” throughout. White is used for the background throughout the infographic and some of the texts are There is white background and the text is written in black letters with surrounding elements that stand out featuring the main color orange and hints of blue.


The infographic has vibrant colors that create a great contrast enhancing harmony. The artwork design is very catchy and the variation in color brings the message to life as it creates uniformity. There is symmetry and repetition of shapes which creates interest yet shows unity between the words and all the other aspects that communicate the key message.


It is very reader friendly because of the eye-catching images used to evoke emotion in the workspace. The image of people in the office setup is relatable for those who are in the world of work. The fonts used in the design are easy to read and as well see that there is space between texts and different elements.

The texts have been carefully placed with a background that has contrast and structure making the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader. All factors combined increase the infographic’s readability and make it appealing.

Infographic about 7 constructive feedback examples for employee.

Source: https://infographicdatabase.com/lifestyle/7-constructive-feedback-examples-from-employees/?preview_id=4099&preview_nonce=96feec060d&preview=true&_thumbnail_id=4100