5 Ways To Save Fuel While Driving

This infographic aims at providing information about the average expenditure on petrol and diesel and how one can reduce it by making small adjustments to their driving routine. More specifically, the reader can discover five ways they can drive more efficiently in order to save fuel.

The image of a car driving through a landscape at the top, together with the image of cars on a road at the bottom, allow for the reader to quickly understand the concept of the subject. At the top, one can also find an eye-catching title, which introduces the subject under discussion, placed inside a colored frame that resembles a traffic sign. Right below, the first piece of information is presented in a dialogue bubble and it considers the average amount drivers in UK spend to fuel their petrol or diesel cars per year.

In the section below, the reader can find some more details regarding the average amount a driver will spend on fuel during their lifetime. Moreover, one can learn that the majority of drivers find petrol and diesel too expensive and look forward to owning an electric vehicle.  Finally, the reader is encouraged to read further to find out how they can adjust their driving in order to save fuel. The information in this part is split in three columns, which makes it easier for the reader to read.

In the last section, five eye-catching frames, with numbering, bold titles, texts in red and two relevant images present the five ways one can save fuel while driving. This straight-forward layout helps the reader go through and understand the presented instructions.

The fact that the same fonts and images of a similar style are used throughout adds to the design’s consistency. All texts are carefully positioned over contrasting backgrounds, which makes them easy to read. The readability could be further improved by reducing the amount of text used and using some more elements that would stand out. However, the infographic succeeds in providing some helpful information.

infographic about how to save fuel while driving

Source: https://blackridgeautos.com/5-ways-to-save-fuel/