10 Late Excuses for Your Boss

This infographic is a creative and fun way to make the audience aware of the unique excuses that they can make when they are late to work.


This is a fun to read infographic, and hence, the design is preppy and cool. The designers have ensured that the design is simple yet not boring or the usual professional type. The figures used are humorous and somewhat caricatured to make the audience see the fun side of the information provided. Since, most people are too wary about facing their boss when they are late to work, this infographic tries to provide some cool tips that they may use when they are in such a situation. The graphics make this infographic good for some light reading.


The information provided in this infographic is presented in a systematic way. The infographic tells you about ten excuses that can save you from being reprimanded by your boss, and these are organized one after the other for an easy read. Moreover, each excuse is accompanied with pictures that detail and describe the situation so that you can really imagine the situation and be totally ready to face your boss.


The infographic is a vertical one, and you can use it on your blogs, infotainment websites, Facebook pages and other such social media where people prefer reading some light stuff that may be useful to them, some way or the other.


The infographic is a combination of matte yellow, ash, and white. The color combination is attractive enough to entice readers to go through the entire content of the infographics without being too over the top. The characters in the different images are appropriately colored to make the infographic look attractive as well as realistic. The overall look and feel is casual and humorous.

Infograph about late excuses

Source: healthlisted.com