10 Different Kinds of Classmates You May Have

This infographic is really a treat for readers, which makes a person recall their reunion party last time they had in a moment they lay their eyes on it. This image is actually a memory card holding all the delights of college days. The catchy pictures and the imagination of a painter to draw these pictures for how classmates will look like in their future are just awesome. The pictures are fun, engaging and bound to bring a smile to the face of the reader. The colors used are light, but give a sense of happiness.

The best part is the heading section which has beautifully styled heading mentioning the types of classmates a person expects to meet at a college reunion. The heading is put over a background having brick walls, drinks and lights projecting a bar probably. The page continues with mentioning 10 types of classmates in reunion and explaining their behavior, style with a sense of humor. In fact, the whole idea contains a tint of humor throughout the reading. The background has a light pink color representing the energy and feeling the freshness in the content. The pictures run in a zigzag form which does not let the reader get bored. The little description on the side of each picture brings a soft smile on the readers to face reminiscing about the beautiful memories experienced by them.

This is such a beautiful infographic which not only attracts the reader’s attention, but also hold it till the end. It would probably be read by everyone, in every age group, also by those who are still in schools just in sense of curiosity built by this image. The company endorsing its brand put its name at the end which doesn’t bother you at all.

classmates infographic

Source: classfinders.com