information graphic design about petrolheads (thumb)

Salaries in the Car Industry

The infographic on ‘Jobs for Petrolheads’ highlights the best jobs available in the driving genre. Here are its different features that deserve mention: The best…

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infographs about wedding dj (thumb)

Stats and Facts About Wedding DJs

The given infographic is informative and descriptive. Its design is attractive and the color template used provides a classic look to the information displayed. The…

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informational graphic about car myths (thumb)

Debunking a Few Well Known Car Myths

The infographic looks quite attractive and informative. The information presented is concise and short. So, it means that each point is explained in detailed manner…

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graphic design charts about brands in songs (thumb)

Top 10 Brands that have been Mentioned in a Song

The infographic looks informative and attractive. It does provide a crisp description about the various designer brands in pop songs. The entire format looks impressive;…

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graphic data visualization  about expats (thumb)

This is What Expat Americans Miss

Compared to other infographics that represents such information, what makes this quite attractive is the various full-fledge details present. Besides the tons of statistics filled,…

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infogrphics about type of pearls (thumb)

How to Identify a Pearl Type

Pearl has its own place among all the jewels. It is known for its unique representation of peaceful love with elegance. Naturally occurring pearls have…

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