Top 5 online Infographic Generators

Top 5 infographic generatorTechnology has progressed fast and so has consumer expectations. Businesses are dealing with increased competition as markets have grown and consumers have now more choices than ever. All of this means that businesses have to devise and come up with ways that tend to convey the message about their product or service to consumers in a way that is short yet effective.

Not only business, each individual now face the need to be better equipped with tools that can allow to deliver high quality information in an effective manner. To facilitate this very need, the concept of ‘infographics’ was introduced whereby information is presented graphically to the users with the aim of better, clearer and quicker understanding.

Need of Infographics?

Infographics basically gives color to information that otherwise would not have been very exciting for the users. This is because as per various researches carried out, it has been revealed that the use of visualized information has increased 142% and 9900% in the newspaper and internet, effectively. Also, research indicates that human mind can get the sense of visual scene in less than 1/10th of a second.

Infographic Generators

So how exactly is infographic used in the real world? There is no one size fits all answer for this as different projects require use of different techniques to merge information and graphics. However, with the wide availability of online infographic generators, software that transforms information into graphics using various tools and techniques, making information beautiful was never as easy as now.

Key Features of these Infographic Generators

  • Free templates: No matter if you are working on a personal project or on office presentation, you can always start with one of the many categories of templates these infographic generator provide and as you progress through different stages, you will be able to finalize your own style for the theme selected. Few of the templates are so beautifully designed that all one needs to do is change the text and publish it as a separate infographic.

  • Free shapes and icons: With each theme you choose, you will have at your disposal a range of free shapes, icons and images that you can incorporate in your theme to visually present the data.

  • Charts: Not many infographic generators provide the feature of incorporating complex graphs into your infographic. So, you can consider this factor too when making up your mind to opt for a particular tool.

[icon size=”big” name=”trophy”] Top 5

5 Visme: best known for its free basic version with special pricing for students and teachers.

Visme infographic generator
4 Canva: a relatively newer tool, which charges you if you opt for high quality designs.

Canva infographic generator
3 Piktochart: although charges $29 per month for supreme package, but includes just about everything and is regarded probably the best of all and lasty.

Piktochart infographic generator
2 absolutely free but provides only a limited collection of themes and images (best suited for very simple infographics).

Easelly infographic generator
1 which is extremely skilful in providing variety of charts ranging from simple pie charts to more complex tree maps.

Infogram infographic generator

Though all infographic generator mentioned above (and many more available in the market) provide all basic features free of cost through their limited version, each tool provides you with different pricing plans to suit your budget and requirement if you want to upgrade to better quality and output of infographic.