What’s the Best Time to Replace your Roof?

In this visual image very subtle colors been chosen. This is a clever choice actually because the color of the background looks very vibrant. It’s orange in color, and so the color of the products is very subtle. The texts of the image are in white color which made the image look subtle again and it made them look very soothing for the readers and the audience’s eyes. A little bit of the abstract has also been used in the visual image or the info graph which has brought a bit of uniqueness to itself.

One of the abstracts is a right angle triangle designed which portrays the rooftop of a house and in that they have given pictures of different materials of roofs which is very genius and structure of visual image like these needs a lot of dedication and thinking. At the weather impact portion they have given 4 weather conditions and underneath they also have illustrated the weather forecast conditions with drawings which are again very unique and bring more clarity to the audiences’. The weather conditions portions also got backgrounds of its’ own portraying the weather conditions.

A lot of shades and colors were used in this visual image or info graph but then also it is not looking thronged at all because the writing part is very minimal and it is looking very basic. Only bits and pieces of writings have been used in total in the entire visual image or info graph. Because of this minimal writing the visual image is looking very basic and subtle. Overall the whole of the visual image is very sober in its own way. Sometimes it is important to keep things very light and sober and at the same time extravagant and sterling.

information graphics design about rooftops

Source: dangeloandsons.com