What Door is Better for Your Pet?

This Infographic is too simple yet have some interesting things to discuss. It contains pictures of dogs collectively divided into four sections based on the pet size. For example, small pet dogs like Cats, Yorkie or Maltese needs door size of W: 6” H: 7” and the font for the heading is in capital letters and black in color which automatically and instantly attracts the readers gaze. This also makes it clear at once that what kind of door a pet owner should think of even when they do not know the exact size of their pet. A glance at the picture is enough to understand the door size and that is the objective of this Infographic.

The background color is white which gives it a simple overall look and improves the visibility. The fonts are in two types of color that is black and light purple, which again tends to give a soft and loving feeling to the reader. Throughout the Infographics, it is having an inherent love that a pet owner usually has towards their pets. The little cartoons, or caricatures of the bones, frames, and woof, woof by the dogs gives it an interesting touch. The reader would love to read that.

Although it is interesting and understandable, the simplicity could be eliminated and it could have been made more colorful, more informative. The white background improves the visibility, but the yellow, orange or even light blue color would have made it more appealing for the readers. The length is also little long as just to make the reader understand the size of the pet door there is a lot that has been included. Therefore, the length could be shortened. The objective is fulfilled, but with not- so -necessary pictures and the details mentioned at the end.

info graphic about pet doors

Source: enduraflap.com