What Does a Home Inspection Includes?

Looking at the increasing requirement of home inspection, the topic chosen is quite attention-grabbing in itself. The design, font, content and overall analysis are going to be the points on which the graphic will be reviewed and suggestions to improve (if any) will be given. So let us start.


The design is quite mundane and the background used is dull. This makes it a bit low to human eye visibility and the attention of the reader can be taken by some other thing on the page. This is something that should not happen in case of a graphic. But the usage of the picture and the labeling makes the design manageable to be categorized well.


The content has been presented in the most effective way. It is apparent from the outlook of the graphic that there has been more research done on the part of the content. It has been presented in the simplest way possible. However, there was a scope of some simple tables and facts and figures that could have been included in the content. This would have made it more informative and interesting to read.


The font has been used aptly. There is no point where the fonts stop grabbing the attention of the reader. The size is also capable of grabbing the attention of the reader and making him/her stay to read and understand the whole concept. The logo of the company has been placed in the right place so that those who are interested can contact the company directly.


The overall analysis of the info graphic says that the use of proper pictures and content in the pointers form make it easy to convey the idea to the readers and it is well capable of being perceived correctly by the readers.

info graphics about home inspection

Source: spectora.com