What are the Health Benefits of Houseplants?

This infographic is bright and beautiful. It is not only attractive in terms of a visual side, but also very informative. The heading is in white capital letters with a purple background, making it clearly visible and grabbing the reader’s attention at once. It has been framed very tightly which shows the clear message being propagated to readers.

The next paragraphs deal with main information part of the message. Each paragraph has been written exclusively dealing with each topic at once. The information has been written first in small paragraphs, then the main message or key point is highlighted in a box. The colors chosen for each different page background are attractive like pale green, mustard yellow and blue making the white lines highlighting written over it. The message is also clear mentioning about houseplants and their health benefits. The small beautiful picture examples of different houseplants with related health benefits actually ease on the eyes of readers because it attracts the attention and no one has to wander over the text to find about the houseplants benefits. The pictures used are common houseplants usually found in every person’s home who loves gardening or planting trees.

The writing style can be understood by any reader. The size of letters is also readable and do not irritate eyes. This infographic is a long message which contains a lot of information. It might be possible that the reader loses patience and leave it before completing the reading. But certainly, it is the beautiful and interesting topic and message grabbing the attention of the reader even if the message is not helpful to some readers. The overall presentation is so good that no one can overlook this message and therefore, it stands on its objective.


Source: compostdirect.com