This is How You Can Prevent a Termite Infestation

This document is all about Termite infestation and the various facts, figures, methods, and ways about Termite infestation in your house.

The header is done fabulously with a great big termite all around. The wooden background does well to set a real ambience on the document. Further down is an introduction to termites and its different kinds. Later, some statistics about termite damage is provided and further on areas of Australia that are termite prone. Lastly, some tips and facts about termites.

The design is saliently satisfying. There is a definite flow of interest through the document that is well supported by the design and layout. Each section has its own level of curiosity developed in the reader and the next section progresses about it further on. The design has made this all the more perfect, giving much emphasis to the content and just enough attention to it.

The text used throughout the page has been well sized and aptly put out to the reader. It has been emphasized at the right places and given due importance where it is needed. The statistics made much use of text styling as the background in that section was perfect for the text to shine through.

Colors in the page shift from brown and blue with white and yellow text throughout. This is quite a fine shift and does stick to the uniformity of colors in the page.

Overall, this is a good piece of infographics that helps to understand the various aspects of the topic at a quick glance. The different sections were easy to navigate across and it was even easier to gain understanding of the content at each point, thanks to the graphics and the two dimensional flat images which did a great job in a very minor but effective sort of way.

termites infographic