These are the Most Common Pests in Toronto

The infographic describes the six most common pests in Toronto and how to avoid them in your house.

The heading is a bold header set up inside a yellow container which lies over a couple of huge cartoon insects washed over with a blue overlay. This blue can be observed throughout the document from top to bottom. This looks pleasing to see some sort of uniformity through the page.

The layout of the page is simple and flows downwards with cards through each stop that puts up some facts and information and tips about each of the six insects.

The illustration and design of each card have been done really interestingly. The cards are white and have a shadow falling on the blue background.

There’s a number indicating the wanted level of the insect at each card and a huge illustration of the insect in a very comic way.

The content inside the cards is in white and black owing to the creeping of some blue into the card.

The font looks pretty intense or just a little too little for the read. It looks a bit cramped at some spots and sometimes just too small to feel like it’s placed really all that comfortably.

The fonts and its constraints within each card seems really disorganized and could have been done a bit better.

The overall droning of blue alone throughout the page could put out the interest in a very abstract way. The coloring scheme basically deals with two or three shades of blue alone. That could look bad.

Overall, this is an okay piece of an infographic that has got a pretty good layout and illustration throughout with a strangely satisfying color scheme a very neat and navigable layout which helps read things easily.

toronto pests infographic