The Worst Home-Destroying Pests In Each State for 2022

The infographic displays the most searched pest in each state for 2022. It ranks ants, bed bugs, wasps, rats, fleas, flies, spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, termites, and scorpions for each state, with the information provided by Google Trends.


The background color, white, goes together with the map and the other colors used in the design. Although the map is a bit clustered on the left-hand side, readers can easily spot each state.

Another thing that is helpful in the infographic is how the color for a state used in the map and the color used when listing the country under the insect were the same, making it easy to spot a country on the map. The right font styles, sizes, and color combinations were used in the infographic.


The infographic has a simple layout—the title, map, and list. There is also sufficient spacing, making it easy to find the required information at one glance. The pictograms used in the infographic also make it easy to spot the insect readers might need information on. The spacing in the artwork also provides structure, making it easy for readers to move from one piece of information to the next.


Although the map is small and packed to the right-hand side, it is still readable. The introduction of arrows in the maps for places with little space to provide the map’s name also increased the map’s readability.

The fonts used in the infographic are easy to read. Furthermore, the font colors perfectly aligned with the background state color, making it easy to read without straining the readers. The spacing and structure of the infographic also increased its readability.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the infographic is really informative and very easy to understand.

Most Searched Pest In Each State for 2022