Squirrel Droppings? Everything You Wanted to Know

The infographic is a good piece of work. It is neat, it is nice and it is a really clean work done with a very limited color palette. The color scheme of vibrant yellow and faded blue also creates some sort of an ambiguity once the reader scrolls down away from the top. It only makes some sense towards the top where the image is and towards the bottom, it actually starts to fall out of place.

The images and graphics used in here are just relevant to the point as needed to be. Although there could have been more background graphics or sketches that could have given the work a more furnished look. That could also have created a kind of base build to the topic that actually is discussed in the content.

The content is apt and properly laid out, but the order might be of some concern. Similar content could have been arranged together, this could give the reader a sense of direction about where the page is leading the topic to. Here, however two similar content sections have been arranged quite away from each other. There could have been a section about how to prevent the occurrence of squirrel feces inside the houses because that would be what the reader might be interested in rather than the common facts.

 The design is minimalist and keeps to the simplest of forms. It gives the reader good ease to navigate across the page and also to get a quick idea of what is being discussed in each section. The poster also creates a good attractive piece with the large image on top, this would attract the attention of readers really quick as to the content inside.

Overall, this is a fine piece of work discussing the major points and conveying a fine impression on the reader.

squirrel droppings infographic

Source: squirrelcontrol.ca