Learn How to Move Better with this Timeline

The presentation is exhibited in a sequential pattern clearly giving a step by step guide to the prospective clients of how to initiate the process of moving out with all his or her precious, essential and necessary belongings whether it be an animate or inanimate object. Further the time frame describes the activities to be undertaken for making a safe and trouble free movement, which has been graphically designed and presented. Even a novice could easily comprehend the message being conveyed.

The necessary information has been depicted through the use of graphically designed pictorials and illustrations along with the help of text message to set in more clarity for the viewers. At first glance the viewers are directly connected with the intention of attracting their attention through the use of graphically designed communications within a very brief span.

The use and the size of fonts have been done very judiciously. The important headlines have been rendered with a slightly larger feature and the narratives have been written with a regular font size facilitating legibility without causing any strain to the eyes. The caption boxes beholding the fonts have been filled with colours which are visual friendly and soothing too.

The use of colours have been very limited hence maintaining its simplicity but at the same time making the design look unique. The blending of the design, the colours and the fonts have given it a very animated look and evokes an interest in the viewer to complete its perusal of the narratives and viewing of the graphics.

The infographic is basically for a service to be provided. Hence, the use of numerable fonts would have been the requisite, but astutely, the use of graphics adorned with appropriate designs have merged with harmony and conveying the necessary concept and ideology to its viewers.

moving infographica

Source: serenitymovers.com