How to Locate CBD Dog Treats Near You

This infographic provides description about the nearest cbd treats for dogs. A combination of dark colors is chosen for the background which is considered to be relevant to the main topic. A different background depicting an urban locality is used for the heading along with a picture of a pet and its owner so that the readers can get a general idea about the topic of discussion even before looking at the heading.

The next section contains a picture of a dog holding a magnifying glass. This picture is mainly used to educate the readers about choosing the right product for their pets. The next section consists of a differentiation between the good and poor ingredients. The torn paper depicts that the product is free from poor ingredients. A differentiation between the various sources is also given with a thumbs up sign for the good ones and a thumbs down sign for the bad ones. This again helps the readers to get to know the product even before reading the actual content.

The last section depicts a research lab wherein the pet animals are seen using the computer to locate the stores and place orders in order to purchase the product. This portion successfully attracts the readers towards the goodness of the product as it seems to be convincing and satisfying. A linear series of different symbols are also provided to indicate that the product does not contain any artificial ingredients.

On the whole, this infographic contains a limited amount of information which is essential for the reader’s knowledge. A symbolic representation is used for each section of information which to indicate good and bad things. The readers would definitely get to know the basic information about the product if they are interested in purchasing it.

cbd dog treats near you infographic