How to Clean your Stove Glass

The infographic aims at presenting some useful instructions on how one can clean their stove glass. More specifically, it introduces the five steps that are required in the cleaning process.

The artwork has a minimal design and an overall modern look and feel. The color palette that is used throughout is friendly to the eye of the reader.  At the same time, it allows for certain elements to stand out, such as the title and the five embellishing images that are selected for each one of the five steps.

At the top, the reader can find an eye-catching title in white capital letters placed on a light blue background, with the words “stove glass” written in bigger letters. Although the topic is quite clear, it might have been a good idea to emphasize the word “clean” as well.

Right under the title, the background color changes to white and the list of the five steps one needs to follow in order to clean their stove glass begins.

Each step is presented with a “step x” subheading in light blue, capital letters. Under these subheadings one can find a short paragraph that describes the specific step in detail.

Next to this paragraph, the reader can find an eye-catching image that is relevant to the specific step. Apart from embellishing the artwork and adding a modern touch to it, these images also help enhance its readability.

Furthermore, the horizontal lines that separate each step from the previous one make it easier for the reader to read the information that is presented.

In conclusion, the infographic succeeds in clearly presenting the instructions on cleaning stove glass. At the same time, the reader can access this information quickly and easily.

infographic about how you can clean your stove glass