How to Change your Air Conditioning Filter

The infographic presents a guide on how to change a home air conditioning filter. It includes some useful information on the steps one should follow to clean or replace their air filter.


The artwork has a modern design and a fresh look-and-feel. It includes big images, reader friendly fonts and simple elements that make it appealing and encourage the reader to have a closer look.

At the same time, the creator has chosen a color palette that is friendly to the eye.


The structure of the artwork is simple and efficient. And it allows for the reader to quickly go through all information that is included.

At the top, one can see an eye-catching image of two types of home air conditioning devices. This image alone helps the reader understand what they are about to read.

The topic right underneath introduces the subject in more detail. The short paragraph that follows serves as an introduction to the subject.

The procedure of changing a home air conditioning filter includes 5 steps and they are presented in a numbered list. Next to each step number, there is a short phrase that describes what one should do.

Under this short phrase, one can find an explanatory paragraph inside a green or light green frame. Next to each frame, there is a relevant picture.


The eye-catching images, the straight-forward structure and the blank spaces between the several elements make for an artwork of great readability.

At the same time, the easy-to-read fonts and the friendly colors further encourage readers to go through the information that is presented.


The infographic is appealing, simple and efficient. With just a glimpse, one can easily get the idea. And it allows for readers to quickly access the information that is presented.

infographic on how to change an air conditioning filter