How to Backwash a Pool

This infographic is a guide on how to backwash a pool. It explains the process and presents all steps one should take.


The overall look-and-feel is modern and friendly to the eye of the reader.

The artwork’s design cleverly suggests the subject under discussion. It includes an eye-catching image of a pool, several smaller relevant images, as well as some bubbles in the background. At the same time, the main color that is used throughout is light blue.


The layout is very simple. At the top, one can see the title and a big picture of a pool that introduce the subject. Right under the title, there is a short paragraph explaining what backwashing is.

Under the pool picture, the reader can find the procedure one needs to follow in order to backwash their pool. This procedure is presented step-by-step, in the form of a numbered list.

Each step is presented with a number inside an orange round frame, a short description inside a light blue frame and a relevant picture. The numbers stand-out and allow for the reader to easily understand that these steps should be followed in the specific order.


The infographic allows for the reader to quickly and easily access the presented information. It has a straight-forward structure with plenty of blank spaces that make the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader.

Moreover, the colors and easy-to-read fonts, the images, the frames and all the other elements add to the artwork’s great readability.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, one could say that this a simple, yet efficient and appealing infographic. It encourages the reader to have a closer look and it helps one quickly and easily go through all information.

infographic on how to backwash a pool