Home Improvement Etiquette

Buying a house isn’t the last word for home owners anymore. In fact it’s just the first step of a journey that involves periodic maintenance and home improvement activities to keep the house looking new and attractive even after years of buying it. Home owners don’t just plan home improvement activities because they fancy a better looking house. In fact this process is a key element in keeping the house well maintained and updated by adding gadgets, fixtures, flooring or tiles wherever needed.

The process of home improvement means hiring workers and most people are unsure of how to go about interacting with them. For instance, questions like whether I should tip them for the work, whether I should stop them from taking breaks or whether I should provide them with snacks and beverages as they work are common niggling doubts.

Look no further for clarity as the infographic here will explain the finer art of interacting with workers and etiquette to adhere to in such interactions. The topics are divided into sections for easy recollection. For instance, if one were wondering whether or not to provide refreshments to workers or let them use the bathroom in the house, one look at the graphic will tell them exactly what different sections of people think.  Based on these subdivisions home owners can make up their minds.

This clever infographic has actually broken up opinions into percentages and added a couple of lines of clients’ speak to it because most people identify well with a concept when they see it. A discussion on whether or not workers should leave their shoes outside the house or whether they could be allowed to smoke indoors may seem a tad irregular, but the infographic is bang on target as these doubts stop people from interacting freely with these men.

Infographic about home improvement

Source: thebathoutlet.com