Five Things to Do Around Home for the Environment

This infographic states the five major things which can be done at home to protect the environment. A clean and green environment is given in the background with two green trees on the sides, the blue sky on top and the green grass at the bottom. This theme is considered to be extremely relevant to the main topic. However, the major points are presented in the form of a huge house which is shown in the center. The house is divided into five portions in order to depict information. The main heading of discussion is highlighted on the upper portion of the house using a white font on a darker background.

Although the elements used to represent information are completely relevant to the topic, the way of presenting it does not make it actually worth reading. The major reason behind this is that a lot of content is included for each point. The house which is used to present the actual content is not equally divided and the color themes used do not suit the topic of discussion. The major portion of this infographic is divided into shapes of different sizes and a lot of content is presented in each shape.

There are short side headings given for each topic, but the content which follows the heading seems to be very long and lengthy to read. There are a few transparent images used for each point which helps in better understanding, but they are not so attractive to satisfy the readers. In the end, a few sources of the sites from which the information is obtained are mentioned using light and transparent font.

On the whole, the infographic succeeds to attract the readers, but as we move further, the long and lengthy contents used to describe each point might not satisfy the readers to a larger extent.

home environment infographic