Facts and Stats About the Kitchen Cabinet Industry

The following infographic states that the Kitchen Cabinet industry is booming and it will continue to do so in the future. It goes on to tell the reasons for its continued growth and predicts the coming trends for the cabinet Industry. The reader’s attention is aimed right at the title in the first look and manages to engage the reader in its narrative. The objective is clear and the reader knows at first sight what to expect from it. The structure is in the fish tail form and maintains a logical and easy flow from what to why and more. The color combination is bright but still manages to look formal because the palette is limited if vibrant. A visual connection has been set up between the graphics and the information. The right graphics have been used in the right places and the overall representation is pleasing to the eye.

It is well balanced with both graphics and information and seems to tell more of a story rather than forcing the information on the reader. The figures have been highlighted to emphasize on the facts which can convey most of the message even if the reader doesn’t go through all of it. The nature of this information seems purely informative and not biased in any sense. There is no diversion from the narrative. The conclusion is drawn by predicting future trends of the cabinet industry and is balanced and agreeable. The content is simple and easily understandable without saying too much because the right information is given to the reader and he is able to reach some conclusions himself.

The sources of each information shown in the infographic have been stated at the end with a mark of the brand which improves its reliability as an information provider. The content is well sorted and derived from reputable sources.

kitchen cabinet information graphics design

Source: buildmykitchen.com