Everything you Need to Know About the Dewalt Saw

This infographic is a well-detailed compilation of information about a saw product. It has got a picture of it at the top and explains allthe features and what it could be best used for and by whom. It looksmore like a product quick-start help brochure at first sight.

The design used throughout the page is quite intriguing. The header at the top displays the image and the title of the product. Further on, the style changes into a technical worksheet explaining different specs and conveying quick tips and details about the product. Later there is a flowchart of varied colors that contains more visual representations of the benefits. Finally, a footer that resembles the header in style.

The content appears to be sparse when compared with visual representations throughout the document, which seems to have been given more emphasis as well. Although there is little to it, the two dimensional art and simple graphics are placed significantly and draw away the attention of the point discussed in a very different way as some of them are quite distracting and do not convey the right impressions.

The text and section headers are all quite prominently emphasized and visible and provide no hindrance to the readability of the document. Although, the visual part does take away the spotlight.

The color scheme used is apt as it features the yellow shade more significantly at each nook and corner and make it look more of a poster that suits a construction site. This could surely attract the attention of the reader who is interested in tools and equipment of that sort.

Overall, this is a fine piece of work that does well to catch the attention of the desired audience and convey information in a very easily accessible format. It also goes on to impress the product upon the reader.

dewalt infographic

Source: toolcrowd.com