Everything You Need to Know About CBD Dog Treats

The infographic transmits the information quickly and effectively, with the reader, putting very little effort. It is kept very simple with a basic layout and right content. The issue is rightly portrayed for the reader to understand it.


With an unembellished layout, it is kept very minimal with only the main issues highlighting properly. The layout is simple, but not unimpressive. It conveys the idea directly into the mind of the readers.


The design is also very basic but yet effective. The reader can find some of the parts very attractive and those parts contain the main idea of the whole topic. Hence, even though the design is simple and basic it thus catches attention.


The colors used are not very bright, so it does not irritate the eyes of the reader. Very light shades are used which matches with the concern of the topic.


The same type of font is used throughout the infographic. It is also very basic and the color of the font is changed perfectly to portray different ideas.


The overall presentation is effective, it reaches directly to the mind of readers. The graphics used are extremely relatable and understandable. The images describe the whole concept well. The color and font fits well with each other and does not look overrated, it creates a good effect on the reader.

The whole idea of the topic to explain the side effects of CBD (short form of cannabidiol) on dogs and cats is presented aptly. It does enlighten the readers and makes them understand the seriousness of the issue.

Overall Review:

It is very concise and yet effective. The content and presentation leave a good impact on the readers and makes the reader give a thought on it.

cbd dog treats infographic

Source: https://www.holistapet.com/products/cbd-for-dogs/