Difference Between a Plumbing Engineer and a Heating Engineer

The infographic shows the number of plumbers and gas engineers in the UK. Additionally, it clarifies the roles of a plumber and a gas engineer by indicating how one person can perform both tasks and listing the many functions each performs.


The design appeals to the reader because of its understated, straightforward appearance. The different elements, including the frames and pictograms, and the colors utilized consistently, especially the red, capture the reader’s attention and entice them to read the projected content.


Easy and flexible layout. The reader can see a captivating headline at the top that introduces the discussed topic. Under the headline, there is a description of how many plumbers and gas engineers there are in the UK, and directly beneath that, there are two frames with information about the roles of a plumber and a gas engineer.

The following section explains how many plumbers are registered as gas engineers, along with the list of the jobs that plumbers and gas engineers perform and the categories into which they are classified. The reader can observe a table-format frame on the right side of the artwork with a tick box representing the jobs held by a gas engineer and a plumber.

The final segment includes 18 frames illustrating the roles played by a gas engineer and a plumber. The frames are split into two sides, each with nine frames. Each frame begins with a headline, a pertinent illustrative pictogram that further illustrates the heading and a brief, informative paragraph beneath it.


It is easy to read the artwork because of the legible fonts. Further encouraging the reader to look closer is the deliberate placement of each text against a background that contrasts with it. Nevertheless, its simple layout and the blank spaces between the frames enhance the artwork’s readability.


The infographic captures the viewer’s attention and makes it quick and easy to learn the presented information.