Are Vinyl Flooring Tiles for You?

The title

It is big enough and tells clearly what the infographic is all about. The image of a living room that comes with the title goes to show that it targets homes. Considering that the tiles are gaining popularity this title should attract lots of reads for those interested.

The 1st section

It starts by educating readers on what the tiles are. From the precise details readers get to even find out how the tiles are made and this is quite impressive. Notable is that the images included go with the flow of the information provided keeping everything organized and interesting. There is even an image of the different designs the tiles come in so you know you have lots of options for your floor.

The 2nd section

The heading is bold and attractive as the first section and part of the presentation goes into what makes the luxury tile different from the common vinyl tiles. The points in this section are also presented complete with images that are simple but relevant. Readers will have fun reading and relating to the simple images.

The 3rd section

It is still a convincing section that now elaborates on what makes the luxury vinyl tiles a far much better choice compared to the standard vinyl ones. Just like in other sections, the sentences and images are well balanced to maintain interest and at the same time deliver the message. The dominating image on this section which is of kids and a pet dog gives it a comfortable trustworthy feel; readers can feel the comfort the tiles offer even to kids and pets at home.

The colors, images and texts on this infographic work harmoniously together, creating an attractive display for any kind of reader. It is an organized piece that does not bore at any stage.

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