All About Utilizing CBD for Cats

This infographic consists of information that highlights the importance of CBD for cats in specific. Light and soothing colors are used for the background which makes it nice and simple. The major product is mentioned in an attractive way indicating that it is natural and safe for cats followed by the rest of the heading. Light footprints of paws are used in the background in order to emphasize that the product is specially made for cats. A general short description of the product is given with a picture of the cat with the actual product.

The next section consists of the benefits offered by this product. This is represented through an attractive picture of a cat in the center with all the benefits listed out all around. A complete pictorial method is used to convey this piece of information followed by a short description for each.

Moving further, the next section also contains an internal representation of a cat’s skin in order to demonstrate the actual working of this product. The different forms of the product available are also listed using pictures. This section clearly explains which type of dosage is suitable for which type of cats. Finally, a quality checklist is shown in order to indicate that the product is completely safe for cats. A picture of an animated cat recommending the product also succeeds to create an impact in the minds of the readers.

On the whole, the elements used in this infographic successfully conveys the message that it is supposed to. One major problem is that the information is not categorized properly and is spread across the paper in an unusual way. This might seem to be too much information for some readers who wish to just give a glance. This is the only major drawback that might fail to satisfy the readers.

cbd for cats infographic