A Guide for the Pressure Cooker Newbie

The images used in this infographic are quite big and they actually do catch the eyes even before the title does. Their large size may work for reading but they generally end up making the display look too busy and they also use up lots of space. Smaller images would have worked just as good and would maybe make the presentation look a little bit organized.

The steaming pot image accompanying the title is ideal considering that it is exactly what the pressure cooker is all about. The blue and yellow colors selected for the display are beautiful and provide an interesting read for the eyes. All the sections are structured differently and this makes them stand out in a nice way; it is a nice break from the usual uniformity that comes with most presentations. The ‘what you can cook’ section and the ‘dishes suited for pressure cooker’ section carry most of the big images and the truth is they deliver the same kind of message. It is not really that necessary to have the two, one would have delivered the message just fine.

The images and icons selected for this infographic are very well-selected. They are all relevant for what they represent and they make the display interesting to read. The fonts are also good in terms of size and readability. The only thing that seems not to be working for the presentation is the waste of space with images that are too big. However, for readers who usually strain when reading the spaced display does work in making their reading easy and enjoyable.

The topic is well represented by the display; at the end, any beginner would have known exactly what a pressure cooker is, what they can cook and a few tips of yielding the best results when using it.

info grafic about pressure cookers

Source: corriecooks.com