A Few Tips to Improve Your Curb Appeal

An info graphic which is just perfect in each and every aspect! Such is the feel of it and how it is perfect will be explained through different aspects of it shared below:


The background of the graphic is light and pleasant. It gives a soothing effect. A picture in the upper part followed by pointwise description of points that matter makes it very comprehensible. The simplicity yet innovative aspect of the graphic makes it complete in every aspect.


The words are chosen very wisely and the content is well-thought before writing it. Starting from the heading to the points which the graphic covers, the words are well framed and put into the proper places. The heading is simple and allows readers to stop by and have a look at it.


The eyeballs are surely going to get focused upon the graphic as the usage of the fonts is done extremely well. The heading is visible and capable of grabbing the attention by being different. The points are capable of being read too without zooming-in. This aspect makes it a total win-win promotional tool.


A rectangular area used just rightly. The money paid for space actually is worth spending as the graphic ensures that everyone who is looking at the graphic would surely be reluctant to stop by and have a look at it. The whole view is attractive and appealing to the eyes.

Overall Analysis:

With the proper usage of the pictures, words and the color sense, the creator has made a piece which is capable of being commended. It is highly likely that everyone would read the graphic coming across it. It is the aesthetic sense of the making of the graphic which makes it even more soothing and attractive.

data visualization images about curb appeal

Source: serviz.com