9 House Plan Tips From the Architect

This infographic represents a very subtle use of color along with detailed image structures and information’s. It will definitely guide the readers to learn the valuable tips on how to plan their new house or redesign the home.

Design: The designing of infographic is very beautifully done, which successfully managed to arrange images and content in a proper manner. With appropriate designing, it becomes easy to go through the content and every suggestion is very helpful for readers to design their sweet home.

Colors: The color combination is very subtle and light blue color always used to be very soothing to eyes. It makes sure to hold the reader for long or till the end. Every data along with the image is very well organized and grab the attention of readers as points are highlighted very appropriately.

Content: The content size is very appropriate in reading and division in points made it easy to understand the meaning. The informative content is very helpful for reader to fulfill their needs without making further more research.

Visibility: The text and images are very well balanced and complement each other. The images are also very informative and guide viewer to design their house in a proper manner. The provided information’s are very well balanced and engage the reader to go further till the end.

Appeal: At a first look, it seems very attractive and sorted which is loaded with information’s in the form of both text and images. It seems like a detailed guide for the reader to get into the conclusion and design his/her house in a proper manner.

Overall Analysis: This is a great piece of work which has been put forward in front of the readers with the detailed analysis and research work. It is a nice presentation done to support readers in planning their house.

hous plan tips infographic

Source: https://www.truoba.com/house-plans-tips/