7 Tips to Store Your Motorcycle During Winter

The title of this infographic will, without doubt, attract any person who owns a motorcycle. The contents are bound to be of assistance to any person who loves their bike and want to keep it from winter elements that could be damaging. Black and soft hues of blue and pink are the colors selected for the presentation and they do work pretty well in keeping it fun to read. It is an attractive display with three sections that look like one carefully structured body.

Whereas it is easy to read the title and the subtitles, the other text fonts are too small to read comfortably.  The strain is eliminated by the ability to zoom in to make the texts bigger, but then this does not leave the presentation very responsive; the reader has to scroll left and right and up and down to read the contents which can get frustrating. The texts are, however, sizeable upon zooming and very comfortable to read.

The infographic is on tips to store a motorcycle in winter and whereas they are indeed seven tips, they are not numbered. This creates a situation where the reader can randomly jump from one tip to the other. It lacks the flow that most readers would want for easy understanding. Each of the tips comes with relevant images and they are done in a fun way to keep the interest. A sizeable motorcycle takes centre stage of the presentation and some of the tips have pointers directing readers to the part of the motorcycle they relate to.

The presentation is generally very helpful, fun and interesting. It tackles the topic so well that even a first-time motorcycle owner would know how to best store their bikes to keep winter effects at bay.

infographica about moto storage

Source: easystore.co.uk