10 Natural Tips to Keep the Ants Away

There is a growing popularity of “Top 10” lists on the internet simply because they are easy to read and include fun facts. However, in the plethora of such lists, this infographic design stands out and is visually very appealing to the reader. While the topic of discussion is not as much fun (as it talks about controlling crawly creature), the presentation and visualization of the design attracts the reader and makes a compelling read. The word ‘natural’ adds to the impact as people are increasingly turning vegan or going organic.


The primary colours used in the design are black, grey and white. The background is innovative and gives a texture of marble or stone. On an otherwise black and white scale, hint of colours like green for the leaves, yellow for the lemon and orange for the citrus peels, add peppiness to the background. The blue shading at the bottom to highlight the name of the company is also eye-catching. Overall, the colours add vibrancy to the infographic.


The nature of infographic is such that it needs to use text to explain the usage of items. However, the alternate left and right alignment of the text and pictures make the design look less congested. Readers will appreciate the fact that the reasoning is also explained behind certain methods. The font and style also makes the information easy to read and follow. However, the font style for the titles of the 10 tips could be better as certain alphabets are difficult to comprehend, at first glance. It also make the design look a tad messy.

Overall, this infographic is fun, casual and informative. The cute disclaimer at the bottom suggesting use of a combination of tips is also presented in an innovative way. The pictures, icons, colours and the ants crawling all over, add character to the design. This infographic is a perfect example of how pictures along with words are always more effective than just words.

informational graphics about ant repelling


Source: innopest.my