10 Effective Methods Against Mosquitoes

The most important thing about an infographic is its hierarchy; it should be narrating a story in an appealing way. But in terms of hierarchy this work is disappointing. There are just too many elements scattered all over the place.

The title is too long and the font size and highlight is all very confusing and unpleasant for the eyes. There is just too much text everywhere. The text is too long and it is also not in bold.

The only good thing about this design is the graphics and illustrations. These elements are wisely chosen and they look good too. All the elements adhere to the theme but there are too many of them.

Coming to the colour choices, the background is fine but the colours chosen for the other elements get merged with the background tone. Nothing is standing out and it makes the design very dull.

The layout is not at all appropriate for a graphic chart. We just don’t know where to begin reading. This is a very stuffy design and the layout does not also have any demarcation. It seems like the designer has strewn everything on the paper.

This work has a good message to communicate; the graphics are great and the font selection. But the colour combination is very inappropriate for the design. I would have loved it if the data was displayed visually with more charts or interesting diagrams. The illustrations are also cute but the presence of too many elements makes it look cramped.

For this topic, the design could have been made in a more attractive and innovative manner. The letters could have been highlighted in catchy colours; the data could have been presented vertically etc. I do agree that the topic had to be very informative but still the infographic lacks creativity.

Mosquitoes infografic

Source: stoppestinfo.com