The Evolution of Transport Over Time

This infographic aims at explaining how the means of transport have evolved over time. More specifically, it presents transport as it was in the early history and how it turned out to be during the 19th and 20th century.

Layout and Design

The topic is presented at the top of the artwork with an eye-catching title in big, easy-to-read letters. The title is centered inside a frame outline, which separates it from the next section. Five milestones in the evolution of transport are presented right next, in five different sections.

Each one of them is introduced with an eye-catching, highlighted heading and a colorful drawing. In each section, the reader can also find texts that describe the specific means of transport and its history in detail. The texts are arranged is short paragraphs and in different columns. A frame outline separates each section from the previous and next one.


The reader can quickly and easily understand the topic under discussion thanks to the clear title at the top. One can also find out with just a glimpse that these five milestones in the evolution of transport are presented in chronological order. This allows for the reader to learn about the history of transport by simply scrolling down.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of text throughout the artwork, it is not tiring to the eye of the reader. This is thanks to the straight-forward layout and the use of big colorful images and eye-catching headings. The spaces that are left between paragraphs and the fact that the text is split into columns further add to the readability.

Final thoughts

The infographic succeeds in presenting the required information in a simple yet engaging way.

infographic about the evolution of transport over time