Why are the Japanese so Longeve?

The Japanese have the second highest life expectancy in the world. Their high life expectancy can be traced to their longevity diets, of which the Okinawa diet is the most well-known.


The goal of the infographic is to inform readers about the secrets behind the Japanese’s longevity and introduce them to the longevity diet. To appeal to readers, the design is cheerful-looking and simple but not too stuffy or corporate-looking. Since most people might find statistics and scientific terms too boring, this infographic tries to present the information and data in a fun and interesting way. This infographic will appeal to everyone who is interested in health and healthy diets and is great for some light reading.   


The infographic is laid out in an easy-to-understand manner with clearly separated sections so the reader knows that he/she is moving from one section to the next. The infographic starts with the fact that Japan ranks number 2 globally in life expectancy. Then, it moves on to the Japanese’s longevity diet. Next, it talks about the Japanese’s lifestyle, the fact that they stay healthy and active longer and their general health consciousness. Lastly, it concludes with a case study of Okinawa, which is famous for its centenarians.  


The infographic is rectangular and vertical, and can be easily used on blogs, infotainment websites, forums, groups and communities related to health and fitness. This infographic is also suitable for regular sharing on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. And its portrait format makes it especially suited for Pinterest.


This infographic uses a basic color scheme of blue, ochre, white, gray and black. The background colors used are light blue, dark blue, ochre and dark gray. And the text alternates between black, white, blue and yellow depending on the background color. The color palette is simple and minimalistic and the overall look and feel is fun and cheerful.   

longevity infograhics

Source: japaneseup.com