What are the Types of Acne Treatments Out There?

The infographic on acne pills has been designed to make us aware of the effectiveness of antibiotic in treating one of the major problems that most of us face- acne.

The Color Combination: The combination of red and black color makes the infographic pleasing to the eyes. The title portion is black and the body is red, divided into alternate shades of light and dark red. The text written with white against the red and black backgrounds is contrasting and has made it easy for us to read it without the slightest difficulty.

Thorough Discussion: The work has undoubtedly provided us with all the information we needed in this respect and answered all our queries with respect to acne pills and their pros and cons.

It describes the different types of anti-acne pills by picking one at a time rather than discussing all of them together so that one can have a clearer idea about each of them.

The information has been mentioned in a concise manner and also in a lucid language and in a simple language, thereby making it easy to understand for everyone. Even the cons have been highlighted rather than just focussing on the positives, which makes the content an unbiased one and is likely to help the user arrive at a decision whether or not to take these pills.

The illustrations: There are suitable illustrations beside each point that makes it more engaging and fun to read. They help in depicting the content in a better way too.

The Texts: Usage of bigger fonts in places as required along with the smaller fonts in other places makes it eye-pleasing and attracts the attention of the reader.

Drawback: It would be better if two contrasting colors were used instead of the two shades of red.

info graphic about acne pills

Source: acnesupplementscritic.com